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I ordered a Wii HDMI through J&R Galaxies and I was suppose to get it in 3-5 days.It didn't show up in that time, so I followed the tracking and it ended up in california witch is the wrong state and the final tracking system said that it had a wrong address on the package, which I ordered some HDMI cable through another company using the same address (which it came a day earlier than it was suppose to) through amazon, so I know there was no mistake on my side because I got the cable order.

Now their saying since it has the wrong address we can't refund you, or order you a new one. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH J&R Galaxies.

they will rip you off.and most likely there probably mailing everything to themselves.

JR Galaxies - J&R Galaxies has awful customer service

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I ordered an item from J&R Galaxies AKA BPBPUSA.com through Amazon.com. About 3 weeks later I realized that I still had not received my item, so I checked Amazon.com for my order from J&R Galaxies (bpbpusa.com). It looked like my item had been returned to them because J&R Galaxies had chosen to use the cheapest possible method of shipping through USPS and without bothering to check whether I could receive that delivery in my area.

Well, I can't receive USPS deliveries in my area. So the goods were returned to J&R Galaxies. Without contacting me to see if they could fix it or ship the item again J&R Galaxies simply refunded ONLY PART of the amount that I paid and told me that if I wanted the item I should order it again and pay full price again for it.

When I contacted J&R Galaxies back to tell them how dissatisfied I was with their service and try to ask them to make it right they told me this: "Our job is to mail the item to the address specified, if the address iswrong, the deal is off." This is a ridiculous policy that J&R Galaxies claims is an Amazon.com policy. I doubt that Amazon's policy is to not try and work with their customers and make sure they are satisfied.

After receiving the previous response from J&R Galaxies (bpbpusa.com), I followed through on my right to evaluate their customer service through Amazon.com 's feedback page. I posted negative feedback for J&R Galaxies (bpbpusa.com) because, obviously, they didn't care about their customer service.

After I had posted my feedback I received an email threatening to report me to some unknown website badcustomer.com. The following is the email I received from J&R Galaxies (bpbpusa.com) NOTE: No spelling, misspelling or grammar has been altered:

"We saw your negative feedback.

It is unfortunately to see you abuse the system without listeningto us.

We executed to the policy, automatically, and communicated to youall the way. You never get the emails, but we provided the proof to you,but you still blamed us.

In our transaction, we refund your money automatically, withoutyour request, step by step, we followed the policy.

Again, it is Amazon policy specifically require seller to only mailthe item to the address specified, and DISALLOW seller to mail the itemto another address if requested by the buyer, to avoid fraud. It is assimple as this.

Cancel the order or "the deal is off" is the decison made myAMAZON. If you need it, update the address and place another order.

Why you blame the incorrect address issue on the seller? Why didyou blame the seller on your mistake? The seller neve rmake a cent, anddonated or lost $0.6 in this deal, because when you paid amazon, andwhen we refunded you the money, both ways, we have to pay Amazon theclose fee of this item, it is NOT REFUNDdable.

Got it. To be fair, please remove your negative feedback, or wewill report you to www.badcustomer.comto be fair.

Do not abuse your review power! Because your mistake, we loss monyas well.


This is probably the most pathetic attempt I have ever seen to do customer service repair... ever. If J&R Galaxies (bpbpusa.com) wanted positive feedback they should have simply offered to fix their mistake in the first place.

I will never again do business with J&R Galaxies or bpbpusa.com and I recommend that you should not either.

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